Sapling Publishing dares to go where “no one has gone before” and that is into the marketing industry, the book marketing industry to be more precise. Our research has proven that marketing indie and self-published books is often overlooked and remains a missing piece of the puzzle. Our job is to assist authors by creating customized marketing plans by conducting market and genre research.

The plans are tailored for each client to do his/herself. We also offer services in which we can help by setting up/maintaining social media, etc.

We also offer traditional self-publishing services such as editing, formatting and so forth.

You won’t find prices or packages on our site because each client’s needs are different.

Contact us by email: or by phone: 512-659-4358.

Our blog offers free writing and publishing tips. Enjoy and visit us anytime at: (soon to be

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  1. steveandchrista

    April 17, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    This company IS on fire! They have been working with me for barely over a week, and I am very impressed with how quickly they get back to me through email. I am amazed at their ability to listen to what I need and to customize their help for me!!


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