Father, No, Editor Knows Best

22 Apr

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I did. The sun was shining here in Portland (most of the time) and the weather was warm and mild. Have I mentioned how much I enjoy the weather here? My wife and I moved here from Austin, TX last August. We loved Austin, but the summers were just miserable. The heat, combined with the humidity is another story altogether. We are both Texans and well, just quite frankly needed a cooler place to live. I think we’ve found it with Oregon. J

Okay, onto my subject. Your editor does know best. I mean at least most of the time. Right? There’s a reason as to why you hired him or her and that reason is to edit your book. I’ve seen editors make changes to misspelled words, only to have the author ignore that change and then find that the final print version contains misspellings. Not good!

Maybe you have questions as to why your editor made a specific change. Ask him/her! Don’t simply ignore it. Your editor should have an understanding of the publishing industry and good editing skills (if you hired a professional, which you should have done). Given that knowledge, let your publisher do his/her job!

It might be short, but that’s my soapbox for the day. One other thing…want a good laugh over the publishing industry? Read, “Foul Matter” by Martha Grimes. I began reading this over the weekend and have really enjoyed it (

Have a great one! (Evin –

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