Designing your own book covers. Good or bad idea?

27 Mar

I follow several writing and publishing groups on LinkedIn and am following an interesting discussion on whether or not designing your own book cover is a good or a bad idea.

I personally have mixed feelings on this one. I mean let’s face it. Not everyone has the money in the pocket to shell out big bucks to hire a graphic designer and I say if you have design skills to go for it. If you are pondering designing your own cover, ask yourself this, “How presentable and professional do I want my book to be?”

Big name authors don’t really have to worry so much about whether or not their book covers catch the attention of their readers. People know their names, love their books and are probably going to buy them regardless of what the cover looks like.

If you are reading this blog however you are more than likely an indie author or someone looking to self-publish. This means that more than likely your name isn’t out there quite yet. That’s not a bad thing. It just means you need to get people to buy your books.

I’ll use myself for instance. My wife and I are just on the verge of being labeled book hoarders (so yeah, now you know my dirty, dark secret). We buy books, books and more books and folks this is on top of checking books out from the library. Okay, back on subject. Basically when I browse books not looking for a specific author, I’ll admit that oftentimes the covers are what catch my attention and make me pick the book up off the shelf for a closer look. I seriously doubt that I am alone in this.

Also, graphic artists have a skill that is more than just being able to put the artwork down on paper. They have the skill to determine the art and design that will best suit your book. One of my business partners is a graphic artist and I’ll admit that since he joined the team, things have been much better in the way of our new marketing materials (for both my own company AND our clients). All I have to do is give him an idea of what I’m looking for and he can bring something to life.

So yeah, in my opinion it’s best to hire a professional. Sure it’s going to cost but truly, what is your book worth?

Let’s hear your opinions. Post ’em below!

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