Having Spirit

19 Mar

This week has begun with a theme in case you haven’t noticed. It’s all about living your dreams, doing your life’s work or whatever you wish to call it. It’s all the same. It’s applicable to writers and anyone really.

Having the entrepreneurial spirit (did you doubt?) that I have, I attended a meeting last night amongst other entrepreneurs. Three successful business owners were there (plugs, as if they really need the plugs – (has two owners) and

They spoke about how they started their companies, what it took and any pitfalls they encountered while doing so. Sure they both had interesting stories to tell about hardships they had endured, small failures they’ve had along the way and such. The one thing that I found to be true with all of them was their drive to succeed. Things haven’t always gone their way. They’ve been rejected at times, yet they didn’t let it stop them.

This spoke to me and I hope it somehow speaks to you too. I know I haven’t said a lot here, but I hope I’ve given you something to think about. Really, what is it that sets apart those who have succeeded from those who don’t seem to have succeeded as of yet? Fear? Drive?

Food for thought. (Evin – – addressing ALL of your self-publishing, indie author needs)

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