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12 Mar

Of course, I suppose my title could be a bit misleading because bookstores that sell indie books tend to sell all books. I need to clarify and say, “Support bookstores that also sell indie books.” That title didn’t sound as catchy though and would’ve been way too long.

Now that I’ve gone off on yet another tangent, I’ll get to the point. My wife and I recently stepped into Jan’s Paperbacks: which happens to be a supporter of indie books and the indie author. In fact, I plan on talking to them as far as finding out if they will accept the books from those I both publish and those that I assist with my publishing consulting work.

Oh and get this…this store offers “grab bags” and let me tell you…these things were like Christmas. My wife and I each bought one. They are mystery paper bags that contain about 7 to 8 books each. I say mystery because you can’t see what’s in them. They have the genre written on the outside but that’s it. The best part? They are only $2.00 each. We each got one and couldn’t even wait until we got home to open them. We ran out to the car and opened them right then and there. In fact, we plan on going back and buying as many as we can. As a side note…if you live in the area and go in and buy them all up before we can get another one, I will find you! 😉

And then yesterday Guru Publishing received some great news. I have been approved as an affiliate for, meaning that I can now list and sell their books from my site. Sweet deal! I started listing various books on my site last night, which I would encourage you to check out:!books/ctzx. My html is slightly screwy though, so bear with me as I attempt to fix that later on. I admittedly got too tired while playing around with it last night.

So what I’m trying to say is this, support your indie authors and indie bookstores. Guru Publishing certainly does. I’ve also given you the teaser before and I’m going to do it again. We are in the process of working on a project that will further support indie authors and the self-publisher. Check back frequently for details!

Yeah, it’s like that. (Evin –

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