How to be a successful writer

18 Feb

Most writers want to know how to be a successful writer. True, some only do it for hobby but most of us want to succeed in the field and probably even get paid for doing what we love…writing!

But what is the key to actually being successful? Well guess what my friends. You are in luck because me, Mr. Guru, is going to tell you (did you think I’d do otherwise?).

One question I’ve seemed to hear quite a bit is, “Do I need a college degree?” The answer is no. Sure college can help you learn to write better but it doesn’t qualify you to be a good writer. Your talent at writing is what matters here. I mean, it always looks good to have credentials after one’s name but that’s not all people look for. “Can you write?” is probably a better question rather than, “What are your credentials?” I’ve sold several articles and not once did I have anyone ask me what my degree was in (which is education by the way…you know, just in case you were curious.).

Another question is, “Do I need to be an expert in one certain field?” It helps. Let’s say you are writing a book on nutrition. In this instance, it would probably be extremely helpful to have a nutritional background. Fact gathering and good organization will also help if you are writing on something you know very little about; talk to experts on the subject you want to write about, find a mentor, conduct some research, etc. Make yourself an expert. One mistake that you don’t want to make is to get your facts wrong. If you are writing about Paris, you want to list factual information. Readers will discover your mistakes which can cause you to lose some credibility as a writer. I’ve seen it happen.

Obtain some unbiased feedback on your writing. Sure Grandma is going to tell you it’s the best writing she’s ever read. So will your husband/wife and your best friend. This is what I personally like to do and I’ve found that it works. I’ve been known to send excerpts of my writing to specific friends who are readers. I’ll tell them I’m thinking about buying a specific book, send them an excerpt and ask them what they think. They’ll either say, “Wow, it’s great. I’d like to buy it too. What’s the name of it?” or, “Oh wow. That sucks. Save your money.” It gives me some great feedback and they have no clue that they are providing feedback on my own writing. I wouldn’t suggest doing this with a husband/wife by the way. They’ll soon know it’s your own writing and you’ll make them feel bad if they don’t like it. 😉

So that’s my insight of the day.

Catch you on the flip side. (Evin –

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