How to measure your writing success

11 Feb

I watched two homeless men while on my train ride into work this morning and it made me stop to think. Their interaction was interesting and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop a bit. One man was a war veteran. The terror he witnessed during his tour had driven him to his current state. The other man however, had a different story. He was living the homeless lifestyle by choice. He never admitted his reasoning but it was currently the way he had decided to live his life.

This made me think about success and whether or not it is truly a choice. Maybe some of us give up to soon, not realizing that if we had just stayed with it maybe a day longer, we would have reached the summit. I will admit that I originally set out to start Guru Publishing back in 2010. I couldn’t make myself stick with it though. I’d go strong for maybe a month or so, then just give up because the results weren’t what I had envisioned for myself. I’d get frustrated that I didn’t have any clients after a few short weeks.

I later realized that I was failing to see the big picture. I learned that in most cases, success doesn’t happen overnight regardless of what you are trying to accomplish. I am by no means trying to lead you astray by claiming that Guru Publishing is a million dollar company, or that it will be so even two years from now but what I’m saying is that it takes patience, ambition, the willingness and drive to achieve and succeed. This is applicable towards anything and in the case of this post, I am directing it towards the writer.


It is up to you to decide your ultimate goal. Maybe you want to be the next Anne Rice or maybe you want to publish one book and let it go but regardless, it is up to you to make it happen. Sure people can help you along the way but others aren’t going to do it for you. Feel you need to learn to write better? Take a writing class. Want to learn how to maneuver through the self-publishing process completely by yourself? Hire a publishing coach or research, read books and learn how to do it.


Each one of our destinies is in our own hands. What about you?  Do you want to be in the same exact place two years from now, wishing you had stuck with it, undoubtedly wondering what may have happened, or do you want to be the one that never gave up and stuck with it knowing that you created your own success?


Think about it. (Evin –

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