Is it possible to write a book when you also have a full-time job?

09 Jan

This is a BIG reason people give for not writing. Most of the time it is legit, which is why I choose to use the word “reason” rather than the word “excuse.” I’ll be the first to admit that yes, it’s very difficult to find the time to write (or can be) when you also hold down a full-time job. Throw family into the mix and you’re left with very little time. 


Steve Thompson with Yahoo Voices offers some helpful tips on exactly how to juggle your writing around your full-time job:

1. Put Aside Blocks of Time

While it is possible to write a book on the fly-fifteen minutes on the subway, five minutes between meetings-you’ll accomplish far more if you set aside time every day to work on your book. While you’re at work, realize that your full-time job deserves your complete attention. Wait to work on your book when you’re at home and free from distractions.

2. Get Excited About Writing

Writing a book when you have a full-time job requires a certain level of motivation. Unless you’re excited to sit down and work every evening or in the morning when you wake up, you won’t do it. So on the drive home from work or while you’re eating lunch at your desk, brainstorm ideas in your mind. Think about the next exciting scene or research you want to conduct, and you’ll create the motivation needed to work.

3. Talk to Your Family About It

Believe me, I know how difficult it can be to get your family to leave you alone for a couple of hours to work on your book. Your spouse and children want to spend time with you, so you’ll have to learn how to compartmentalize. Talk with your family about your desire to write a book and let them know how important it is. This will give them reasons to give you time to work after you come home from your full-time job.

4. Don’t Write Every Day

I know that I’ve probably just committed the seventh deadly sin for writers, but honestly, you can’t hope to write every day if you’re also juggling a full-time job. Your mind and body need a chance to recuperate from the stress of both work and writing. Choose one day every week when you don’t write at all-preferably not even an e-mail-to give yourself a chance to relax.

5. Write About What You Know

How many times have you heard that tid-bit of advice? This is especially crucial when you’re writing a book and working a full-time job. Writing about what you know will cut down on the research required to write a book. When you’re spending less time on the Internet or in the stacks at the library, you’ll get far more accomplished.

6. Give Up the Non-Essentials

This is probably not something you want to hear, but if you want to write a book when you have a full-time job, you’re going to have to give up a few things. If you’re used to spending Saturday morning at the breakfast table with the newspaper, you might want to give up that ritual and use that time to write. The same goes for long shopping excursions, sports night with the guys or spa day with the girls. Prioritize, and you’ll have far more time to write.

7. Set Realistic goals

You don’t have to write your entire first novel in two weeks, and if the idea of writing a full-length book fills you with dread, break it down. Decide that you’re going to write two chapters every two weeks, and the entire project will seem more manageable. When you have a full-time job, writing a book isn’t something you can do in a few hours or even a few weeks.

8. Don’t Take Too Much Time Off

We all know that full-time jobs are time-consuming, but you can’t allow yourself to quit writing for several days. I said earlier that you should take at least one day off each week, but don’t let that one day turn into five or six. It’s much harder to go back to the computer keyboard after a week than it is after just a day or two.

You get the picture (Evin Wilkins – – the most awesome independent publisher!)


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    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an really long
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      Thanks! Glad you like it and thank you for following!


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