New Author Focus

14 Nov

Sure authors write books. That’s what they do! However, one thing many authors fail to realize is that writing books is only a small portion of the job. Let’s face it. Most authors want their books to sell. Book Coaches can help however, not all new authors can afford the services. So what is one to do? Read on!

Instead new authors should focus on:
1.    Blog tours and blogging
2.    Radio interviews on talk shows
3.    Writing articles and having them syndicated
4.    Hosting a Twitter party
5.    Google+ Hang out (or several)
6.    Hosting a series of Webinars
7.    Build your email list by giving out free GOOD content MONTHS before the book comes out.
8.    Host other authors on your blog to discuss the topic of your book. Get their endorsement for your upcoming book.
9.    Obtain reviews on Amazon before the book comes out.
10.    Conduct live mini-seminars (and video tape them for social media)
11.    Create podcasts and conduct giveaways of t-shirts with your book cover on it.
12.    Create several book trailers and really showcase your brand.

All in a day’s work. Right?

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