Converting a Word Document to PDF Using Google Docs

24 Oct

Converting your doc to portable document format (PDF) is quite an easy task, but it is not possible to do without using a file converter. This article will assist you with the process to convert doc to PDF online, and without spending a single penny. However, you will need internet access because you will have to upload the document to the internet and download pdf files.

Converting word files to PDF:

1.    Start your computer system.

2.    Launch the web browser installed on your computer system. Supported web browsers are Internet Explorer (7 and later), Google Chrome (all versions), and Mozilla Firefox (3.0 and later).

3.    Log on to using your Gmail Account ID and password. As soon as you log on to Google Docs, you will get an interface to upload and share documents online.

4.    Click the Upload button. The Upload Files page appears.

5.    Click the Select Files to Upload link. The File Upload dialog box appears.

6.    Select the documents that you want to convert into PDF and click the Open button. Selected files will be listed in the Upload Files page.

7.    Click the Start Upload button. The Google Docs application starts uploading files in the cabinet designated to you.

8.    Click the Back to Google Docs link.

9.    Now, select the down arrow beside the Documents tab and select the text documents that you want to convert into PDF.

10. Move mouse onto the file that you want to convert into PDF. When you place the mouse on the file, the Action tab will appear on the right side.

11. Click the down arrow beside the Action tab and select the Download option.

12. Select PDF beside the Document option and click the Download button.

As you click the Download button, the Google Docs application starts saving the file at the location you specified for downloaded objects. 

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